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Prices examinations

In the below prices we leave 20: - discount per test for clients with monthly invoice.
(Not applicable to the future, already discounted or special surveys).

* = SWEDAC-accredited examinations.

Click on the heading for the type of examination referred to, to close and open the same.

Bacteriological examinations

* General bacteriology. Bact. examination and susceptibility testing with microdilution. Yeast examination included at request. 515:-
* Additional gen. bact + susceptibility same individual, same time.  242:-
* General anaerobic / microaerophilic cultivation. 515:-
* General bacteriology. Bact. examination and susceptibility testing with microdilution/VETMIC and anaerobic/microaerophilic cultivation. 654:-
* Typing of primary culture on selma / blood plate (without susceptibility testing). 211:-
* Mastitis bacterial examination (without susceptibility testing) per teat fr 96:-
Yeast fungal examination is included upon request in the above surveys.

Mycological examinations

Dermatophyte examination (ringworm) 525:-
Dermatophyte examination and yeast / aspergillus-examination  577:-
Aspergillus examination 370:-
  Yeast examination 319:-
Yeast and aspergillus-examination 422:-
Additional susceptibility testing fungus. 300:-

Bacteriological + Mycological examinations

* Bacteriological examination with susceptibility testing and aspergillus-examination 675:-
* Bacteriological examination with susceptibility testing and dermatophyte-examination  778:-
* Bacteriological examination with susceptibility testing and dermatophyte/yeast/aspergillus-examination 834:-

Special examinations

* Salmonella examination 309:-
* Blood cultivation (aerobic and anaerobic cultivation).  757:-
* Strept. Equi (Strangles) / Strept. zooepidemicus (no PCR) 410:-
Dermatophilus congulensis (Streptotrikos) 370:-

Examination of horse dung

Samples may not be older than 4 hours when analysis starts
   Intestinal examination (4 parameters and pH-measurement)  1112:-
  Coli titration 566:-