SWEDAc ackreditering


Mybac-Vettech is accredited by Swedac in veterinary medicine, clinical microbiology for the following areas of examinations:

General bacteriology
Method : Mybac-Vettech method B02

Resistance testing with microdilution 
Method: Mybac-Vettech method B01

Salmonella investigation
Method: Mybac-Vettech method B03A + B03B

SWEDAC ackreditering 1596

Scope of accreditation in its entirety can be studied in Swedac document 11-3640-51.1596


About Swedac

Swedac , Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, is a government authority for quality and safety. Their work concerns safe and reliable products and trust in how this is assessed. Swedac answers to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.

Swedac is the regulatory and supervisory authority for legal metrology and has responsibility for coordinating the overall control of the market in Sweden, which means that the products and services sold in Sweden by SWEDAC.s supervision are safe for life, health and environment, and also otherwise meets the statutory requirements.

Swedac work both nationally and internationally to the principles of analysis, testing, calibration, certification, testing and inspection shall be coordinated for greater security and to free trade to develop.

Swedac accreditation mark is visible all around the community. Look for it in the elevator, at accredited workshops and in documents from vehicle inspection companies or water laboratories. To mention a few examples.

ackrediteringsmärket exempel

The label is used to display the accreditation in various fields.

The mark may only be used by companies and organizations that are accredited by Swedac. It will always contain the current standard and accreditation number.